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About Pete Jafelice

At the age of 12, Pete Jafelice picked up a guitar and he's been holding on to it ever since.

He grew up in a musical family and quickly developed a passion for the guitar. Years later, he discovered that not only did he love playing, he loved teaching others.

In 1993 Pete started JAF Guitar School. For 27 years, he has taught electric, acoustic, classical, bass guitar, and ukulele to students in Toronto and London, Ontario.

Quick FACTS! 

  • teaches guitar,  bass and ukulele 

  • teaches at rock, metal, jazz and blues improvisation camps

  • has taught hundreds of kids at schools in the London area for over 15 years 

  • plans lessons according to student skill level and learning modality

  • performed at many conferences of up to a 5000 people in attendance

  • supported students in audition and performance preparation

  • uses hands-on curriculum to promote student interest and receptive learning

  • develops lesson plans to teach course materials according to schedule

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